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NEW Model 2021 ! - ClO2GEN


  • Generator of ultra-pure chlorine dioxide
  • A brand-new way of production
  • Purity of at least 99.99%

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Generator of Ultra Pure CLO2 ( Chlorine Dioxide )

A brand new way of production 

Purity of at least 99,99% !!!


Standard version includes:

  • ClO2 generator,
  • connecting tubes (food silicone),
  • spare hoses,
  • power supply network source,
  • transport hose,
  • syringe,
  • instructions for use.



How the ClO2 generator works

The process of the electrochemical preparation of chlorine dioxide (ClO2 ) and its aspects  

In cases of any preparation of ClO2 in home conditions the sodium chlorite, a solution of about 24.5% is used as a raw material. However, the purity of sodium chlorite is a fundamental issue here. With commercially sold chlorite it usually is about 80%. Of course, although this "purity" is entirely sufficient for original purposes, such as bleaching paper or fabrics, it is totally inadequate for "other" purposes. When preparing chlorine dioxide (ClO2) from the technical sodium chlorite by chemical means – by the operation of acids or sodium bisulfite - the purity of the product is directly proportional to the purity of the used raw materials. Another, very important fact in this process for the production of chlorine dioxide is the creation of by-products. For ClO2 is not created directly but only after the decomposition of the resulting chlorite acid.  

In the preparative chemistry two methods of synthesis of ClO2 are used - chlorine way, which is of course due to the use of chlorine inappropriate for home preparation, and second – the electrochemical method – the electrolysis of aqueous sodium chlorite solution.  
During the electrolysis we expose the sodium chlorite solution to precisely specified electric power thus generating the pure and direct decomposition of sodium chlorite without any side reactions and without the use of any “activator”;.  

By means of the simple electrolysis the approximate purity of chlorine dioxide of about 99% is achieved. However, if you know the details - you set the conditions of the electrolysis process to the so-called optimum, which is no longer the case of a simple electrolysis; it is a very specific device instead that produces ClO2 of the unprecedented purity - 99.99%. The enormous difference in the resulting purity of ClO2 is often considered insignificant by general public. Nevertheless, if you consider your body to be something that is completely unique and irreplaceable – it is an easy choice. Imagine that someone offers you two tomatoes - the first one has just been dropped into the urine and the second one has been nicely washed in drinking water - which one will you choose?  

With the electrolytical production of ClO2, it is necessary to make sure that any impurities present in the sodium chlorite do not participate in the electrolysis. That's what we'd made sure during the study and development of our ClO2 generator – through long and tedious experiments followed by laboratory analyzes, including completely new procedures for these analyzes. The result was the so-called optimum as we´ve called it. Each ClO2 generator offered by Jaclab s.r.o. is set for this optimum by the output inspection. Thus, every customer can easily produce the cleanest ClO 2 that is now available right at home.

All of the above described might be a subject of a brand-new patent. Nevertheless, we are not going to file any application. Following consulting with lawyers, specialists in patent law we have clearly come to the idea that we will not apply the patent for our generator. The reason for our decision is that because in submitting an application for the patent the function and the principle of the patent in question must be fully revealed and explained. In this way you would have to "uncover" on what you spent long months and years inventing, funding and placing in the market.  

Copying the principle of the generator is not an easy matter at all ... in compliance with a precise adjustment of electrode distances, membrane material, electrode material, generator capacity, indirect proportions to the generator volume with setting the electronics ... it's not really a simple device in spite of the fact it may look like that at the first sight of an “non-expert”  
On the other, hand the generator control is very simple, just any average intelligent person can handle it (if you follow the device instructions).

As soon as customers realize how this generator operates that they can have a bath in the perfectly disinfected water every day, that with this generator they do not have to worry about the long-term use of chlorine dioxide ... that such a device will also make for example their pool or whirlpool completely pure and health beneficial ... the new era in the chlorine dioxide use is about to begin.

What happens to the ClO2 generator when we turn on the power?

After connecting the generator to the power source (230 V adapter, power bank, 5 V power supply ...), the air motor starts humming, air bubbles start to raise from the outlet (B) below the platinum electrode and also air bubbles begin to release from the end of the hose that is inserted into the bottle with for example, distilled water, intended for capturing chlorine dioxide. We can immediately observe the emergence of ClO2 around the platinum electrode in the generator (anode) reminding of a dark brown veil. If we use a completely pure solution of sodium chlorite, the saturation of water intended for the dissolution with chlorine dioxide would occur within a very short time. Here we come across a minor complication, namely the sodium hydroxide content (among others) in the technical sodium chlorite. However, this contained hydroxide does not only complicates the electrochemical preparation of ClO2 but also participates very actively (which is completely undesirable) in any chemical way of the preparation. Since the hydroxide content cannot be accurately determined, it is logically also not possible to dose individual chemicals accurately when using "activators". With the electrochemical preparation we are not really limited by the exact hydroxide content and it is more or less irrelevant; it only reduces or prolongs the time it takes to get to the full power of the ClO2 generator. For, at first the emergent chlorine dioxide must neutralize the present hydroxide.

This depending on the content in individual batches of chlorite can take up to an hour. After this time, the solution in the anode area (anolyte) contains no hydroxide any more. The anolyte is now sufficiently saturated with chlorine dioxide and its intense release from the output tube with the "ClO2" indication occurs. This "startup" of the generator is gradual rather than jump. This phase lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.  

The chosen operating conditions are set in such a way so that approximately 2.5 g of ClO2 is released per hour of operation. In about an hour, we get the concentration of around 2500 ppm in one liter of water. The full power of the generator depending on the electrolyte content can run for up to 10 hours. After this time expires, the production decreases as most sodium chlorite is depleted and the consequently anolyte mainly contains substances which are no longer involved in electrolysis, especially sodium chloride.  

If, after this time, the generator is switched on for additional 8 hours, we are able to yield a liter of solution with the concentration of about 3000 ppm from the rest of the chlorite. The process can be considered as definitely completed when the color of the anolyte is significantly lighter than in the course of the full power operation. Then replace the generator load.